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Sing For The Lord



Sing For The Lord music ministry is very blessed gospel music ministry doing good serving’s to the glory of our almighty GOD.Is an interdenominational Christian
Music Ministry which came in to being on 15th July 2008 as a visible sign of the love and passion of a praising soul “Maqsood Masih” with the support of like
minded friends christian artists.The prime object of this ministry is to promote Christian Music by exploring, developing and polishing the skills of artists to
joyfully and enthusiastically display their gifts (instruments and voices) for the praise and glory of the “Master Artist” our heavenly almighty father GOD.
Since then the ministry is actively working to fulfill its vision by organizing various christian.Musical program in communities and at Churches to groom the
musical talents of Christian of all ages.The Ministry has launched three albums (1-Choolia One 2-Choolia Two 3-Piayar Ki Tasweer) and the upcoming next will
launch soon the ministry also promotes Christian Music learning to the other’s they teach music at three different places at Islamabad-Pakistan.


Preparing musically gifted
artists to make melody and
sing psalms, hymns, and
spiritual songs in their
hearts to the Lord.

Maqsood Nazar (Chairman)

Maqsood Nazar Chairman of this ministry leads this ministry since 2008.He’s also lead’s the St-Thomas Church Islamabad Choir for the glory of the God he’s doing his best may God bless him more and more.
He was born on 26-04-1971 in Gujranwala-Pakistan.He start’s worship in 1989 in St.Thomas Church Islamabad-Pakistan and now he leads the choir of this church.He start’s his music ministry SING FOR THE LORD in 2007 from this ministry he releases three album’s with the coordination of all other member’s of the team sing for the lord.And now they working on the next upcoming album (staish main qowat) and the other album’s are ( chooliya 1, chooliya 2, piyar ki tasveer ).
Parastish Profile

Sing For The Lord (Team)

1 Pastor Nadeem Qaiser (general secretary)

2 Mehbob Gill (Music Coordinator)
3 Arif Bazmi (Music Coordinator)

4 Nadeem Anwar (Treasurer)
5 Naveed Nathanial (Program Coordinator)

6 Emmanuel Faiz (Member)
7 Sufiana Maqsood (Member)
8 Liaqat Sandhu (Member)
9 Mr Javed (Member)

10 Haris Bazmi (Gospel Artist)
11 Saman Haris (Gospel Artist)
12 Mr Munawar Sardar (Gospel Artist)
13 Marriam Maqsood (Gospel Artist)
14 Tehmina Tariq (Gospel Artist)

15 Emmanuael Siraj (Singer)
16 Sana Maqsood (Singer)
17 Mansha Khokar (Singer)
18 Carol Tabasum (Singer)

Sing For The Lord (Album’s)

Chooliya album launched by sing for the lord music ministry.
Album Chooliya containing 20 (twenty) gospel track’s very beautifully composed.
1.Bhartay Jao
2.Bole Khudawand
3.Chhoo Liya Sana
4.Chhoo Liya Yunas Mehdi
5.Dillan Wichon Kad K Edited
6.Farmaya Rabb Nay Suno Meray
7.Honton Pay Teray Geet
8.Ji Uth K
9.Kafi A Kafi A
10.Khudaya Humm Pay
11.Koh e Kalwar
12.Koi Pether W O tabla
13.Mera tay yassuh
14.Nasri Ka Lahoo Samman
15.Rab Ta Bharosa
16.Tara Chamkya
18.Tera Kalaam
19.Utho Jago
20.Woh Jo Dill K Kareeb
Listen Choo Liya One Listen Choo Liya Two

Piyar Ki Tasveer

Piyar Ki Tasveer album launched by sing for the lord music ministry.
Album Piyar Ki Tasveer containing 12 (twelve) gospel track’s very beautifully
composed by the ministry.
1.A Khuda Pak Rooh
2.Barkat Har Damm
3.Harr Wailay Shukar Guzaran
4.Jurrm Jiss Ka Bhi
5.Khudawanda Mujhay Aisa Hunnar Day
6.Meri Duhai Sunn Lay Khuda
7.Sheereen Zubani Yassuh Bulaway
8.Tara Chamkya. By Younas Mehdi
9.Yassuh Jeevan Sanwar Deta Hay Younas Mehdi
10.Yassuh Jeevan Sanwar Deta Hay
11.Yassuh Main Teray Piyar Ki
12.Yassuh Teray Qadma Ch
Listen Piyar Ki Tasveer